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4 Common Places Water Damage Can Show Up in Your Commercial Property

No building owner ever wants to find out that their commercial property has been damaged with water damage. Whether it’s as minor as leaky pipes dripping from the ceiling to a full blown flood, property owners need to quickly recognize the common places water damage tends to occur so that they can fix the problem as soon as it happens.

Better yet, commercial building owners should recognize the different types of water damage so that they can gauge how expensive the problem is that they’re dealing with. Today we’ll discuss four typical places where water damage tends to occur in commercial buildings.

The Most Common Places Water Damage Occurs

Here are the top places where water damage can occur.

1. Old Plumbing Systems

Buildings with older plumbing systems are more prone to needing repair work. They can cause leaks—or worse, burst pipes.

If you notice moisture collecting on the floor, ceiling, or walls, it’s time to call a Michigan professional for water damage restoration. Regular maintenance can help reduce the impact of old plumbing systems over time if installing a completely new system is not an option.

2. Inside HVAC Systems

The next place water damage likes to hide is a bit sneakier to find. HVAC systems are often overworked in commercial buildings when compared to residential properties, so more regular maintenance will be required to keep them running in good shape. 

Check your cooling systems regularly for any signs of potential build up of water damage. 

3. Leaky Roofs

A hole or gap in the roof allowing water to seep in may be harder to find in a large, commercial property. It’s a good idea to inspect the building at least once a year, and specifically the roof, for any signs of water damage.

Look out for any corrosion underneath the roof, visible gaps or holes within the roof, and any areas that tend to pool water instead of draining it properly.

4. Faulty Sprinkler Systems

Unique to commercial buildings, sprinkler systems are typically a must-have item in certain areas of the space. While they are a huge relief to have in case of an actual fire, they might also be too sensitive and trigger when there is no actual threat of fire in the building.

Check with your installer about repairing or replacing any faulty sprinkler systems or parts to ensure no accidental water damage happens when you’re least expecting it.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

If you believe you have water damage done to your property, big or small, contact our commercial water damage experts at U&S Companies. 

We’ll evaluate your property and take care of the root of the damage. Commercial property water damage is a serious problem, and one that should not be overlooked or ignored.

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