Mold Removal in Sterling Heights, Michigan

With something as dangerous as mold, you should hire a trusted expert. At U&S Companies, we successfully provide clients to inspection and remediation to remove and prevent mold. Our licensed technicians specialize in mold removal services for homeowners and businesses based in Sterling Heights. If you’re concerned about mold, call our team today – we can provide a speedy estimate. We work with all insurance companies, and can work directly with your insurance.

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We provide mold removal and remediation services in Sterling Heights for a variety of residential and commercial properties. We specialize in:




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The U&S Companies office is located in Macomb, just a short drive from Sterling Heights, Michigan. 

Our remediation specialists provide mold removal services to Sterling Heights and surrounding areas.

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Ready to get started? U&S Companies is a leading mold removal service in Sterling Heights. To learn more about our Michigan mold removal and remediation services for your home or business, contact us to request a quote.


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