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Selling a House With Fire Damage: Do’s & Don’ts 

Selling a fire-damaged house is difficult. Many potential homeowners want a dream home that stands out in quality, modernity, and looks. A house with fire damage won’t fit in that description, so your fire-damaged home may take longer before getting noticed by willing buyers. However, there are things you should know if you want to sell your fire-damaged home fast. Here are some of the most important dos and don’ts of selling a home with fire damage.

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Important Do’s & Don’ts to Follow When Selling a Fire-Damaged House

Do Stage Your Home Appropriately

When selling a house with fire damage, you must stage it appropriately. Get the fire damage repaired to give the house a fresh look. Tidy up the house’s exterior and interior, ensuring you clean the walls and landscape outdoor to improve the curb appeal. Eradicate all personal decors and repaint the walls to get a freshly-looking interior.

Don’t Cut Costs on Repairs

As an owner of a fire-damaged home, it’s easy to understand the concern of getting money back for any repairs when the time comes to sell the home. However, if you decide to skimp on the repairs to your home, it may lead to poor-quality work. This won’t increase a home’s sales price. Instead, poor-quality repairs can lead to low offers or, even prevent you from selling altogether.

Do Tell Buyers About the Fire Damage

Michigan requires homeowners to disclose to buyers any previous damage to a home, which includes fire damage. Failure to do so could land you in serious trouble. Be upfront and transparent about the fire damage to the home and explain exactly how it was repaired. Ultimately, this will improve buyer confidence and increase your chances to sell your fire-damaged home.

Don’t Overprice Your Home

When selling your fire-damaged house, never set the price too high. Get your home appraised by an experienced appraiser to estimate how much your home is worth. Remember, home buyers only settle for houses with a price that matches the value they’re getting.

Do Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents often charge a commission to sell your fire-damaged house. However, the cost of their services can’t compare with the value you’re getting. Real estate agents give accurate and top-tier descriptions to make your home sell fast and at a higher price. They’ve stronger negotiation skills, so they will help you get a better deal.

Don’t Be Emotionally Attached to Your Home

We understand you’re undergoing the pain and stress of losing millions to fire damage. Similarly, we already understand how time-consuming and stressful the process of selling a fire-damaged house can be. However, we strongly advise that you avoid being emotionally attached to your house. Do not take it to heart if buyers criticize your home and offer a price quote you consider meager. Get as many buyers to view your home and only settle for the buyer who offers a fairer deal.

Closing Out: Selling a Home With Fire Damage

Selling a house with fire damage takes time and demands your patience. You’re going to meet many potential buyers, some of who will criticize your home, and others will offer prices extremely low compared to the value of your home. With the dos and don’ts we recommended above, you can sell your house fast and still make a reasonable profit from the sale.

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