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What to Do When Water Leaks Under Exterior Walls

Even the most minor openings in your home’s structure, such as gaps between your pipes and appliance vents and holes in your foundation, puts you at risk of water leaks under your exterior walls.

Persistent water leaks both inside and outside your residence can result in serious damage to your building over time, including a weakened foundation and fungi growth within the walls, which can be costly to repair.

Therefore, it is important to help prevent exterior water leaks by taking the following steps:

Regularly Inspect for Water Coming Under Exterior Wall

The first step to preventing serious water damage to your walls and foundation is to walk around your property to inspect for holes, cracks, or gaps that can permit moisture leaks.

Seal Any Openings

If you spot any structural issues, the next step is to perform minor exterior wall leak repairs to seal the openings.

One way to do so is to use a polyurethane foam spray, which automatically expands to fill the hole, crack, or gap.

However, foam spray wears away after a while; therefore, it will need to be reapplied periodically to help maintain its seal. This is especially true if you live in an area with a lot of sun because it also contributes to its breakdown.

You can also use caulk to fill in the gap, similarly to grout. However, the bigger the opening, the more applications it will take to create a sturdier seal.

It is also important to choose a caulk product that is specifically designed for your building material to ensure the best repair.

Like foam spray, caulk must also be reapplied periodically due to weathering. However, its application typically lasts about two to three years instead of just one.

Conceal the Repairs

Undoubtedly, the foam or caulk used to fill the gaps in your walls will leave an unsightly look; therefore, you will need to cover the repairs with paint so that they are unnoticeable.

To fill crevices and cracks in your fine plastered surfaces, simply apply stucco to the damaged area to restore its look and prevent future water leaks.

Contact a Leak Detection Professional

You can also enlist the aid of a professional to help identify if water is leaking under an exterior wall. This way, they can also devise a comprehensive plan to help address any issues before they cause more expensive damage later for peace of mind.    

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